About our Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Services

Sixth Sense Safety Solutions is pleased to provide a broad range of services to organizations within the State of Ohio (and elsewhere) and maintains a project office near the Toledo, OH area.

Regarding occupational health and safety, Ohio is under federal OSHA jurisdiction, which covers most private sector workers within the state. State and local government workers are not covered by federal OSHA.

For environmental matters, the State of Ohio has a state agency referred to as the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA). The agency’s goal is to protect the environment and public health by ensuring compliance with environmental laws. Those laws and related rules outline Ohio EPA's authority and what things Ohio EPA can consider when making decisions about regulated activities.

Ohio EPA's Central Office is located in Columbus, and five district offices manage the Agency's programs throughout the state.

Ohio EPA establishes and enforces standards for air, water, waste management and cleanup of sites contaminated with hazardous substances. It also provides financial assistance to businesses and communities and other areas of assistance.

Sixth Sense Safety Solutions is able to help you by assessing your particular situation and offer you guidance on compliance as well as best practice issues, in order to achieve a balanced and integrated approach to safety and environmental issues. Your HSE consultant will provide you with tailored assistance based upon your specific needs. We can guide you there.

Information on just a few of the specific issues we can help you with are available through the section and links below. Please also see the links contained on other pages as well as our free articles, blog posts and recorded webinars.

More on the workplace health & safety services we offer:

  • Organizational Assessment, Safety Culture Change, Assistance in Implementing the Latest and Best Systems Safety Concepts

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Assistance and Development (For example, ASSE/ANSI Z10, ISO 45001)
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  • Environmental Management System Assistance and Development (ISO 14001:2015)

  • Industrial Hygiene Services (see "Site Assessments/Surveys"); air and noise sampling
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  • Process modeling, analysis of total program costs, cost determination and reduction

  • Programs to help ensure organizational compliance (auditing, assurance, reporting, review)

  • Lone Worker Safety Assessment and Program Development
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  • Training & Workshops (please click on link at left)

  • Written Program Development

Sixth Sense Safety Solutions can be hired on retainer for industrial hygiene and occupational health, safety and environmental compliance and best practice consulting services, or on a special-project basis. For more information, contact us today at 419-491-0517 or via email at gz@sixthsensesafety.com.

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