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Sixth Sense Safety Solutions is pleased to provide a broad range of services to organizations within the State of Indiana. We have successfully tackled a number of HSE projects in the State, with a focus on Occupational Health and Safety compliance and process improvement.

Indiana operates an OSHA-approved State Plan covering most private sector workers and all state and local government workers. This is referred to as the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA), which is part of the Indiana Department of Labor.

IOSHA adopts all Federal OSHA standards and regulations except that it has a unique excavations standard.

For environmental matters, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) implements federal and state regulations to protect human health and the environment while allowing the environmentally sound operations of industry, agriculture, commerce, and government.

The IDEM web pages describes how IDEM issues air, water, and solid and hazardous waste permits that restrict discharges to environmentally safe levels, and that staff members inspect and monitor regulated entities; provide compliance and technical assistance; monitor and assess air, land, and water quality; use enforcement actions as necessary to ensure compliance; and respond to incidents involving spills to soil or waters of the state.

The US EPA is involved in matters such as Superfund redevelopment and water infrastructure projects. The US EPA's work in Indiana is managed from its Region 5 office in Chicago, Illinois.

Sixth Sense Safety Solutions is able to help you by assessing your particular situation and offer you guidance on compliance as well as best practice issues, in order to achieve a balanced and integrated approach to safety and environmental issues. Your HSE consultant will provide you with tailored and collaborative risk-based assistance in view of your specific needs.

Information on just a few of the specific issues we can help you with are available through the section and links below. Please also see the links contained on other pages as well as our free articles, blog posts and recorded webinars.

More on the workplace health & safety services we offer:

  • Organizational Assessment, Safety Culture Change, Assistance in Implementing the Latest and Best Systems Safety Concepts

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Assistance and Development (For example, ASSE/ANSI Z10, ISO 45001)
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  • Environmental Management System Assistance and Development (ISO 14001:2015)

  • Industrial Hygiene Services (see "Site Assessments/Surveys"); air and noise sampling
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  • HSE Process modeling, analysis of total program costs, cost determination and reduction

  • Programs to help ensure organizational compliance (auditing, assurance, reporting, review)

  • Lone Worker Safety Assessment and Program Development
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  • Training & Workshops (please click on link at left)

  • Written Program Development

Sixth Sense Safety Solutions can be hired on a project basis for industrial hygiene and occupational health, safety and environmental compliance and best practice consulting services, or on a retainer basis, as may be most appropriate for you. For more information, contact us today at 989-474-9303 or via email at gz@sixthsensesafety.com.

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